CVUiPata-Steamboat And Grill
buffet style, steamboat & grill restaurant

CVUiPata Tok Jembal

Unique Bamboo Hut, facing the sea, enjoying the breeze will make your experience worth a while.
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Tasty food, set in small bamboo-style hut

cvuipata fresh seafood


From variety of scallops, shell, crab, prawn, squid, stingray and tegillarca granosa
Cvuipata fresh veggies

And Seafood

Choose from beef, chicken with various sauce, and lots for vegan lovers, we serve broccoli, romaine, salad, enokitatke, spinach and more.
cvuipata seafood

More Seafood

A lot of varieties of food and drinks and its close to the beach that people can enjoy the sea breeze

With unique Bamboo Garden Concept

CVU iPata set afoot traffic and repeat visitors from the people who live in the surrounding neighborhoods, including foreigners.
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CVU iPata Steamboat & Grill